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Now more than ever expecting mothers are looking to stay healthy and fit while they are pregnant. Fit Pregnancy is one of the countries leading publications that is chock full of advise for mothers. Their February/March issues features their Track Stars to help quantify workouts (and health stats) to "rachet up your motivation"--which is now even easier thanks to our Soleus Tempo. The Soleus Tempo features a built-in accelerometer which monitors your movement and counts your steps, calories, and distance. This data is stored on the unit for up to 12-weeks so that you can review and compare your daily,...

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This past Sunday we had the honor of participating in the 7th annual Run for the Water here in Austin, Texas. Run for the Water is a 10-miler/5K/Kids1K race that benefits the Gazelle Foundation.   The Gazelle Foundation funds and builds clean water projects in Burundi, Africa. The Foundation’s formation was inspired by Gilbert Tuhabonye, a Burundi survivor of the Hutu/Tutsi civil upheaval of the 1980′s and 90′s which reached a “peace” agreement in 2008. Since the foundation's inception, over 20,000 Burundians have been served with clean, potable drinking water with an estimated 10,000 to be served for the remainder of 2013....

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