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Fit Pregnancy

Now more than ever expecting mothers are looking to stay healthy and fit while they are pregnant. Fit Pregnancy is one of the countries leading publications that is chock full of advise for mothers.

Their February/March issues features their Track Stars to help quantify workouts (and health stats) to "rachet up your motivation"--which is now even easier thanks to our Soleus Tempo.

The Soleus Tempo features a built-in accelerometer which monitors your movement and counts your steps, calories, and distance. This data is stored on the unit for up to 12-weeks so that you can review and compare your daily, weekly, and even monthly stats. 

This Soleus Tempo also boasts a $49.00 price tag so it is not only easy to track your workouts but it is also easy on your checkbook!

Bonus tip from Fit Pregnancy: "The stopwatch feature can time contractions!"