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Soleus Enhances User Connectivity Adding Bluetooth Upgrades   Soleus Launches Three BLE Compatible Devices: GPS PULSE BLE + HRM, PULSE RHYTHM BLE and THRIVE   Austin, TX – February 18, 2016 –Soleus, the premier sport watch and fitness tracking company, is thrilled to announce the addition of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) capabilities for three of its most popular platforms. Dedicated to providing highly functional monitoring data, Soleus has released a GPS heart rate monitor watch, GPS PULSE BLE +HRM, a heart rate monitor watch, PULSE RHYTHM BLE, and a fitness tracker plus heart rate monitor wristband, THRIVE. Along with this...

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Soleus Enters the Wearable Technology Market and Launches the Most Comprehensive Activity Tracker   Premier Sports and GPS Company Debuts the Soleus GO!   January 22, 2014 – Austin, Texas – Soleus, the premiere sports watch and GPS company in the performance and fitness markets is thrilled to announce the debut of the Soleus GO! (hyperlink to presell page), the most comprehensive fitness tracker currently on the market. The Soleus GO! tracks more than just your everyday activities with a real time crisp, organic OLED display. It is with you all the time to motivate, keep you on track and...

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