Soleus Launches Three BLE Compatible Devices

Posted on 18 February 2016

Soleus Enhances User Connectivity Adding Bluetooth Upgrades
Soleus Launches Three BLE Compatible Devices: GPS PULSE BLE + HRM, PULSE RHYTHM BLE and THRIVE
Austin, TX – February 18, 2016 –Soleus, the premier sport watch and fitness tracking company, is thrilled to announce the addition of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) capabilities for three of its most popular platforms. Dedicated to providing highly functional monitoring data, Soleus has released a GPS heart rate monitor watch, GPS PULSE BLE +HRM, a heart rate monitor watch, PULSE RHYTHM BLE, and a fitness tracker plus heart rate monitor wristband, THRIVE. Along with this technology, Soleus has developed the Soleus App specifically compatible with these three devices allowing every athlete to effortlessly monitor their fitness endeavors wirelessly.
The Soleus App is compatible with BLE in order to wirelessly sync all fitness activities directly to an iOS or Android supported device. This app and new line of products strive for convenience to meet the demands of the fast pace and highly technological world of the connected athlete. When Bluetooth is turned on, you can fetch your data from your Soleus device by simply pushing the sync button on the app. Setting goals for exercise, steps, distance, sleep and calories burned is made possible at a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Within the app you are provided an expanded view of your real time workout stats, charts, and progress reports. Data sharing is available to multiple apps and online communities including Strava, Map My Fitness / Under Armor Record and iOS Health Kit. The app is available in seven languages enabling global use for athletes around the world.
The most comprehensive model, the GPS PULSE BLE+HRM was proud to be selected as one of Competitor Magazine’s must-have products for runners in 2016. This watch possesses all the GPS features a runner would need, plus an accurate reading of heart rate while on the wrist. Developed for the athlete who cherishes in-depth and enhanced real-time feedback of their fitness regimen, the GPS Pulse BLE+HRM makes this possible at the touch of a button via Bluetooth using the “Soleus” app. This model is available in three colors and retails at $229.
The Soleus PULSE RHYTHM BLE+ HRM allows you to literally “Follow your heart”, inscribed on the back, from your wrist with an accurate real time heart rate reading. This updated BLE version of the Pulse Rhythm HRM still offers a rechargeable unit with USB plug integrated into the strap allowing you to train within target zones, track calories burned, set interval timers, set 5 alarms and comes with a large 30 x 100 lap data storage capacity. The bonus is now data can be uploaded via Bluetooth. It is available in two colors and retails at $119.
The easily adjustable wristband, THRIVE Activity Tracker + HRM, provides instant heart rate monitoring right at your wrist without needing to purchase any additional accessories. Similar to its predecessor, GO, THRIVE tracks your sleep, and monitors your all-day activity including steps, distance, and calories. The BLE compatibility allows call and text notifications to be pushed via Bluetooth to your wrist from your mobile device with the “Soleus” app. Retailing at only $129, THRIVE fulfills the challenge of staying connected to the real world while disconnecting on the run.
“We strive to continually enhance the features we want to offer and that our athletes are requesting,” shared Soleus founder and CEO David Arnold. “The Bluetooth technology was a priority and we are excited to grow the number of connected devices in our line.”
The innovative team at Soleus continues to focus on adapting to the needs of every kind of runner, recreational to elite, at a more affordable price point. Their balance of simplicity and performance can also be seen next month when the Signature Series is released to the public for purchase. For more information please visit
About Soleus
Soleus is a sport watch and fitness tracking company dedicated to supplying highly functional data monitoring with style, comfort and ease of use at an affordable price. Based in the core athletic community of Austin, Texas, Soleus provides chronograph watches, GPS units, heart rate monitors and activity trackers to help each athlete find their passion for personal sport. Soleus watches are style-driven and set apart by their simple, intuitive, easy-to-use functions that transition from sport to lifestyle.

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