Mac: How to Upload Your Data Files to Soleus Sync

Soleus Sync Guides for Mac:

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     How to Upload Your Data Files to Soleus Sync


    1. When you start Soleus Sync you may see one of the windows below.  This is part of the startup process.



    2. Next, the Soleus Sync Menu should open. It should look like the picture below. If not, you should review the Installation Instructions.



    3. Your Soleus GPS device should be connected to your computer. Now click on the  button to sync your Soleus GPS device to Soleus Sync.



    4. Soleus Sync will display the message that it is 'fetching data from device' while communication is in progress.While your GPS Device will display the message 'PC Link' on the face.(The specific text displayed varies among our GPS device)
    •  Once the data has been sent, the device will go back to displaying the charge percentage.



    5. If you get an error message such as: " error while connecting to the Soleus Cable" or "error while fetching data from your device" please try the following:

         A.)Press the clamp into the watch a little harder to ensure that the prongs are making a good connection. Just because it shows that it is charging, doesn't always mean that the connection is strong enough for the computer to read the data on your device.
         B.)Try wiping down the USB on your charging cable to ensure there is no dust and the computer can properly read your device.
         C.) Also try switching USB ports on your computer in case one of your USB ports is not working properly.
    [If the above steps do not solve your problem then check the driver.  We have not had many issues, and almost all of them stem from the driver installation.]


    [ If you are still unable to connect to Soleus Sync please, contact us and let us know which error you are seeing on your screen.]


    6. Once all of the data has been downloaded from your device, you will see a grid with the activities from your Soleus device and a message that it has read all data from device.