Stairs and Inclines

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Stairs and Inclines



Stairs & Incline


Do you do stairs or inclines? This picture was taken right after climbing 138 stairs from the stage to the top at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado at 6000' altitude.  The place is breath taking.

No, literally!  You are out of breath and yet overwhelmed because you made it to the top.  The real prize is the views.  

 Mt. Bonnell in Austin, Texas has only 106 steps.  Easy right?  Lower altitude, less steps.  WRONG!  Getting 5 reps (up, down 5x) owns you.  Again, you conquer, but the prize once again is the views. 


Can you say Soleus Running Heart Rate Monitor and GPS You'll wish you had one.

Then there is the Grand Daddy of Inclines in Manitou Springs, Colorado. So insane it is simply called "The Incline"  Manitou Springs is right next to Colorado Springs.

No Really
​Heart Rate Monitor and GPS 



8866870_1585882750APIbarry_bonds_inclineBarry Bonds did "The Incline" for a morning workout.  Listen to what he said


Check out these insane stats: 

  • Avg grade 45% (24°)
  • Steepest 68% (34°)
  • Gains 2011' in .88 miles
  • Steps: 2,744

Stairs and Inclines...and the prizes.





Keep Climbing - The Views Are Amazing!



PS. Interesting fact..."The Incline" is at the base of one of Colorado's 14ers named Pikes Peak.  In 1893 Katherine Bates hiked up Pikes Peak and wrote America The Beautiful. (this link is a nice surprise worth listening)

It's true, the mountains are really purple and there are waves of grain. I saw them.  

Here's to a bright tomorrow 



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