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About Soleus Running

 Welcome to Soleus

Thanks for stopping in. It’s is an incredibly exciting time for Soleus. We’re expanding as we launch into the cycling and fitness channels. At the same time, we’re adding new products to our GPS and core running lines. Given the change, it’s been necessary to reconsider who we are as a brand.

We don’t just make watches or timing devices. We don’t just track time for athletes. And we don’t just make colorful, affordable running watches. We also don’t change who we are as a brand from season to season. So who are we? What do we stand for?

We help athletes make moments.

Mission Statement

At Soleus, we create a world where people activate passion and build community in their lives through their
sport by making stylish, easy-to-use timing and fitness devices so people can be more joyful in the moment
while they work out.

Brand Promise

Create timing devices that help people find joy in the moment in their sport.


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