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Run, Recover, and Relax with Team Soleus Elites

November 04, 2015

Join us and Team Soleus Elites, Nick Symmonds, Kara Goucher, and Alysia Montano, next Thursday, November 12, at Shoes and Brews in Boulder, Colorado. Meet and chat with these inspiring athletes, get a run in, learn training tips from the pros, enjoy a pint (or two), giveaways, and more! See you there!

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You're the "One" that We Want!

August 20, 2015

Our GPS One has been on the market now for almost three months and the verdict is in: runners & media alike are in love! The simplicity of the One is a much needed oasis from the information overload found in most of today's GPS units.  The "push one and run" feature of the GPS paired with the sleek casing and styling has made this GPS our go-to everyday watch as well. So the reviews are in---GPS One is a winner and at $79, what are you waiting for?     Women's Running September 2015   Triathlete September 2015  Competitor Online "First Look at Soleus' New GPS Running Watches"

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