Windows XP Replace USBXpress Driver 2

Right click on the USBXpress Device entry, and select the Update Driver option.


You will see the Hardware Update Wizard welcome panel. 

Select "No, not this time" and click the Next button.


You will see the next panel.

Select the "Install from a list or specific location" and press the Next button.


Your next panel will display.

Select the "Don't search.  I will choose the driver to install" option and press Next.


The next panel will look something like this below.  The options listed in the Model list may be different than what you see.

Click on the Have Disk button.


You will get a smaller pop-up window.  You might see A:\ or some other location in the Copy manufacturer's files from location.

Click on the Browse button.


You will get a similar window to this, but the contents in the large portion may be different.

Click on the My Computer icon in the left hand column.  Then double click on Local Disk (C:) in the main portion of the window.  Then double click on the Program Files folder, then the SoleusSync2 folder, and finally on the CP210x_VCP_Windows folder.  Click on the "slabvcp" file you see listed.


Your window should look like this:

Click the Open button.


You will get an Install from Disk window like this.

Click the OK button.


You will see the Hardware Update Wizard.  This time, no matter what it looked like earlier in the steps, should have the Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge listed in the Model list.

Click Next.


You will see a window that shows you it is copying files, and then finally you should see a notice that the Hardware Update Wizard is ready to Finish the job.

Click Finish to complete the installation.


Your Device Manager window should now show the Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge in the Ports (COM & LPT) section rather than the USBXpress Device in the Universal Serial Bus controllers area.


At this point you can close your Device Manager and start Soleus Sync.


If something goes wrong in these steps, or you do not see the Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge device, contact us.  Let us know that you have stepped through the "manual driver update process."