Step through Troubleshooting - Windows Search

When you click on the Search for Device button, the program should communicate with the Soleus GPS device.  Your device will show that it is linked or sending data to the program while communication is in progress.  The specific text displayed varies a bit among our GPS devices, but they will all show you that it is either linked or sending data to the program.  Once the data has been sent, the device will go back to displaying the charge percentage.


If you get an error message about "connecting to the Soleus Cable," as below:

Check the driver.  We have not had many issues, and almost all of them stem from the driver installation.



If you get an error message about "fetching data from your Device," as below:

Check the connection to the GPS device, make sure the 4 prongs are making good contact with the 4 points on the back of the device.  If the device shows you that it is charging, the program should be able to communicate with the device.  Wiggle the device just a bit to make sure it keeps showing the charge percentage.  If so, contact us and let us know that the error you are getting is regarding "fetching data from your device."



Otherwise, you should see a message indicating that the program is "fetching data from your device."


Once all of the data has been downloaded from your device, you will get a grid of activites and a message that it has read all data from device. 


If you think there is an issue with one of your activities you may be asked to send us one or more of your activity files.