Windows 8 Check for Old Software

First, we want to make sure that you do not have any USBXpress software or old Soleus GPS software installed. 


Hover your mouse at the upper right hand corner of your desktop.  This should pop out a menu of items along the right edge of your desktop, like this:

Select the Settings icon, which we have circled in the picture above.

You should then get the Settings along the right side of your screen.

Click on Control Panel, then look for the Programs and Features item.  Your control panel might be a list or a window of icons.

Click on Programs and Features.


You will get a list of programs installed on your computer.  We are looking for anything with "USBXpress" or "Soleus GPS" in the list, such as:

If you do not see any items with "USBXpress" or "Soleus GPS" then you should check your device driver.


If you see any thing with "USBXpress" or "Soleus GPS" then you will uninstall them, and you will also uninstall Soleus Sync 2 if it is installed.  Before you begin this step, unplug your Soleus Cable from the computer.

To uninstall a program in the list, simply click on it and press either the Remove button or Change/Remove button.  You will have to do them one at a time, and it might take a few minutes for each of them to finish uninstalling.  If you are prompted to restart your computer, then select the Yes button.  Be sure you have saved any open documents, spreadsheets, etc before restarting your system. 

Once you have uninstalled all of the items listed below, then install Soleus Sync 2.  If you have trouble after that, contact us.