Soleus Sync Windows FAQ

Troubleshooting issues with Soleus Sync Windows Software

 Windows (Windows XP or newer) 32bit or 64bit?

Soleus Sync for Windows - 32bit only Download Soleus Sync, Win32 - version 2.131206
Soleus Sync for Windows - 64bit only Download Soleus Sync, Win64  - version 2.131206
Documentation for Windows


Please make sure you have done this before emailing or calling:

  1. Do you have our latest software? How to check
  2. Downloaded and installed latest software
  3. Exit Soleus Sync software
  4. Insert cable with watch attached
  5. Start Soleus Sync software
  6. Click on SEARCH FOR DEVICE button
  7. Says "Fetching data from your Soleus Device
  8. Your device data shows on screen


Your Soleus Sync Software is update to date and still having issues

  1. Does Soleus Sync recognize your device?  
  2. Before clicking on the Soleus Sync software, plug the cable into the USB port and attach your watch to the cable prong.

If you get an error message: 


After completing the above steps you still have problems, please email us.