GPS Turbo FAQ's

Track the distance, current pace and speed information during each of your workouts and view your average pace and speed after your workout as well.

Set a target pace and the
pace partner feature will alert
you when you are off target

Auto pause detects when
you have stopped moving and
automatically pauses the
chronograph until you start
moving again

Auto lap will
automatically record laps
based on your distance

Track the calories
you are burning during your

An enhanced setting
of the EL Backlight that
allows easier or automatic
activation of the light while
you're running at night

Upload your watch data to
STRAVA on your PC or Mac
using the Soleus Sync software

Create 6 custom interval training sessions, and GPS Turbo will display your speed, distance, and pace for each interval.
Fire up your favorite running playlist and don't worry about missing your mile lap split alerts with vibration notification.

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