|+| 1. Where can I download the Soleus GO! App?

|+| 2. Why is my GO! not counting steps?

|+| 3. Does my GO! need to be in exercise mode to count steps?

|+| 4. How does my GO! calculate my sleep?

|+| 5. Can I shower in my GO! ?

|+| 6. Why is the weather feature on my GO! not updating?

|+| 7. Why do my messages not appear on the display of my GO! ?

|+| 8. Can I sync my Soleus GO! with my computer?

|+| 9. Is my phone/tablet compatible with the Soleus GO! app and my GO! Tracker?

|+| 10. I am having problems getting my Soleus GO! to turn on what should I do?

|+| 11. How do I connect my charger to my Soleus GO! ?

|+| 12. I've lost my charger where can I get a new charger for my Soleus GO!?


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