Advanced Smart Fit SF30

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Soleus Running's most advanced smart device constructed of lightweight airplane aluminum, plus comes with three (3) interchangeable bands (Black/Grey, Black/Red, Black/Green).  

New Curved Thin Design | Strong Battery Life | 24-hour heart rate monitoring | Multi-language | Customizable HD Dial |  Airplane Aluminum Alloy frame | Scientific Sleep Management

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  • Curved thin design - comfort
  • Aviation aluminum frame - lightweight
  • HD Screen with long battery life - easy to read
  • Interchangeable bands - style
  • 24-hour real-time heart rate monitoring
    NOTE: This is not a medical device
  • Refined training with 10 exercise modes 
    )Outdoor/Indoor Walk & Run, Stair Stepper, Rowing, Stationary Bike, Elliptical, Hiking)
  • Custom Dial & functions customizable
  • Take calls, receive messages, set reminders
  • Scientific sleep management - improve your sleep
  • Stopwatch & Countdown timers
  • App data sync