Step through Troubleshooting - Send us your activity files.

To send us your activity files you must put Soleus Sync in debug mode.  While in debug mode, the program can capture all data from your Soleus device and the activity you have marked for upload.


To put the program in debug mode, go to the Settings menu, and select the debug option from the debug sub-menu. 


Once you have checked the Debug option, you will then press the Search for Device button.  When you get a grid with your activity in it, select the activities in question and click the Upload Activity button.  The application will go through the motion of sending the data, but it wont actually be sent to Strava.  Instead Soleus Sync will create a file or files.  SSdata.txt and XMLdata**.tcx.    The SSdata.txt file is created if you are in debug mode when you press the Search for Device button.  It will contain all of the data from your device.  The XMLdata**.tcx files are created when pressing the upload button.  Each activity that is selected will get it's own XMLdata**.tcx file, where the ** is a 1 or 2 digit number.

Please send them to us via the Software Help webpage.   This page has a button to attach a file or files to the

If you are on a Mac, you will find them in your Applications/SoleusSync/Contents/Java folder.

If you are running Windows you will find them in your Program Files/SoleusSync2 folder.