Export Your Data Files

If you would like to export any or all of your activity files as a backup or to upload to another website you will need to use the Debug feature of the software.  With version 2.140815 and newer, you can export some or all of your activities at one time.  Simply put the program in Debug mode:



 Then select the activity or activities for which you would like TCX files, and press the Upload button. 




This will place a TCX file in the program folder for each activity selected.  You may then copy these to a folder for safe keeping or upload to a website of your choice.

  • If you are on a mac you will need to show package contents on the Soleus Sync app to drag and drop from within Finder.
  •   If you are using windows you will need to browse to your program files\ SoleusSync2.  You will end up with a file for each activity, like this:


You may upload the TCX files to many popular running/cycling sites, such as, Endomondo and MapMyFitness.