Go Take A Hike

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Go Take A Hike



You may be thinking, "Why would any company tell their customers to take a hike?"  

The world is a bit freaked out at the moment.  A lot of people are getting their 10,000 steps in at Costco trying to get the last toilet paper and spaghetti.  It's insane.  There are police at our local Costco.  

Today I took a long hike.  2.7 miles.  It was the perfect thing I could do.  It got us outside in the fresh air and around nature.  The hike was not difficult.  Just a trail through some trees.  

At the perfect time, the wind would whip through the trees and the smell of the fresh outdoors would cause us to stop and look up and feel the wind on our faces. It was awesome.

I could track my progress on my Smart Fit and it told me everything from my distance to steps, heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels in my blood, and even how many calories I was burning.

Then we came up to a dried riverbed and on the banks was a couple of stone balancing janga.  Of course, I placed a cool rock I found in the riverbed on top of the right janga...carefully.  Didn't want to be the guy who toppled the janga. 

8471082_15842302033Hljanga.jpgAfter the hike, we felt amazing.  Our entire outlook changed and instead of feeling like the world was going to end because we were sitting home watching the news, we felt like we were blessed to have just experienced such awesome nature.  We got our blood flowing, heart beating and the endorphins kicked in. 

Go Take A Hike! Track your progress

Check your distance, steps, heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels, and how many calories you burned.  You'll be glad you did.

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Here is the Smart Fit I used, however you choose what you like. This one is so light and comfortable I forgot I was wearing it.  




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