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Extending Commitment to the Running Community

Soleus Extends Commitment to Running by Re-signing Goucher, Symmonds and Montaño, and Adding Brooks Beasts

Continued Support of Olympians and Elites Inspires Running Community and Product Design


April 9, 2015 – Austin, Texas – Deep into the running haven of Austin, Texas, Soleus – the premier Sports Watch, GPS and Heart Rate Monitoring company – continues to establish itself within the core running community with not only quality timing, tracking and monitoring products, but with their commitment to supporting athletes and teams who are making a difference in the sport. Soleus has reinvested in Team Soleus Elite, lead by the dynamic trio of Olympians – Kara Goucher, Nick Symmonds and Alysia Montaño. Each of these athletes has made a career for themselves both on and off the track, which makes them invaluable to the running community. Adding to the star power of Team Soleus Elite, a new partnership with the Brooks Beasts brings high-powered success in numbers. In their collective voices, each athlete and team has done an amazing job of authentically exposing their lives as runners, entrepreneurs, and positive agents for change in their sport. These actions and messages are what most clearly align with Soleus, as they continue to innovate for the betterment of all runners, and continue to motivate people to live healthy, active lifestyles.


The Brooks Beasts squad of twelve men and women is based in Seattle, Washington, and boasts numerous top-five finishes at USA Championships, and even an American Record in the indoor 600m. Danny Mackey, the Beasts’ head coach and program director, is tremendously excited about this new relationship, saying, "In any ideal partnership I hope the fit is natural, which is hard to find, but in this case the Beasts and Soleus made sense immediately.” Mackey also noted similarities in global objectives, saying, “Soleus it putting their money where their mouth is and making their own path to creating the best running and fitness watches and wearables in the industry.  The Beasts are putting their stake in the ground to be one of the best teams in the world, and they also want to grow the sport, and do it in a fun, healthy way.  So needless to say I am excited and thankful Soleus and the Beasts will be working together." Mackey’s background in exercise physiology and biomechanics makes him a proponent of functional data-based training. He notes, “Having reliable, accurate technology to measure and evaluate each individual runner is paramount to their success, so partnering with Soleus provides us with high quality products that will play an important role in our athletes winning races.”


Both Team Soleus Elite and Brooks Beasts are an integral part of a comprehensive collaboration with Soleus, to advance technology and user feedback, as well as participate in design aspects of future Soleus products. “We make tools for athletes, and rely on them to validate and help refine our designs,” says David Arnold, founder and president of Soleus. “Our company’s commitment is to the running community, which means we believe in the dedication and loyalty of runners everywhere.”


Soleus’ support of the core running community is evident in their robust line of comprehensive timing and monitoring technology, and their continued commitment to innovation and refinement of products for all runners. Partnering with elite athletes and teams not only helps with validating product design, but also helps align Soleus with the shared vision of each of these athletes. They see the future development of the sport depending on the credibility of authentic athletes, honest business practices, and financial support that is not contingent on performance. “We’ve chosen to support all of these athletes because of who they are and what they represent to the future of their sport,” comments Arnold.


Having been a long time Soleus user, the initial partnership with Kara Goucher, a two-time Olympian and the fifth fastest American marathoner of all-time, was as seamless as they come. “I am very excited to continue my partnership with Soleus.  Over the past year I have gotten to know the people behind the brand, and I am proud to be a part of the Soleus family,” said Goucher.  “Whether you are a beginner or a professional, Soleus has the products to help you achieve your goals.  Soleus continues to support and be a part of my journey to try to make a third Olympic Team.” Goucher also noted, “Working with Soleus to continuously innovate only validates their commitment to the entire running community.”


Extending his contract with Soleus was a given for Nick Symmonds, a two-time Olympian, five-time US Champion and World Silver Medalist in the 800m. With his eyes on the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Symmonds knows that every element of his training and sponsor support must all align in order to achieve his goal. “I am extremely happy to continue my partnership with Soleus,” said Symmonds. “This innovative company has once again proven how dedicated they are towards supporting the running community, and having access to their diverse line of quality products means that all of my timing needs will be met as I prepare to make the 2016 Olympic Team.”


Entering the 2015 track and field season, and coming off of the birth of her first child, Alysia Montño hasn’t missed a beat. The Olympian, US Champ and American Record Holder already has a US title in 2015, having won the indoor 600m in February. Her impressive times are only surpassed by her infectious smile and gritty racing tactics. Known for always donning a giant flower in her hair, there’s no mistaking her from afar. “Partnering with Soleus and joining Team Soleus Elite means I have an opportunity to impact the running community. Joining Nick [Symmonds] and Kara [Goucher] gives us the power to collectively showcase our hard work, and encourage all of our fans the same way Soleus encourages us,” said Montaño. “The beauty of Soleus is that they recognize who we are as athletes and people; meaning their investment isn’t just money, it’s the same blood, sweat and tears to ensure we have what we need to train and race at our best.”


Just like their products, Soleus takes a leadership position in how they structure athlete and team partnerships. It’s never been about times and bonuses, it’s about people. In the same way Soleus etches inspirational quotes on the back side of every watch, they expect all of their athletes to inspire the next generation of runners. Through their own social media, brand blogs and in-person events, Soleus and their athletes have a simple shared mission, and that’s to inspire, educate and motivate the running community.


About Soleus:

Soleus is a sport watch and fitness tracking company dedicated to supplying highly functional data monitoring with style, comfort and ease of use at an affordable price. Based in the core athletic community of Austin, Texas, Soleus provides chronograph watches, GPS units, heart rate monitors and activity trackers to help each athlete find their passion for personal sport. Soleus watches are style-driven and set apart by their simple, intuitive, easy-to-use functions that transition from sport to lifestyle.