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It's a New Day

I am a former track participant and one time coach. I have always loved the sport of running and have followed it since the 1968 Mexico City Olympics. I had the opportunity to attend the 1996 Olympics and I still recall the feeling of chills as I walked into the stadium to watch world-class athletes compete. Even now as I reminisce those 12 days spent with my son were some of the most electrifying of my life. I felt truly honored that we were able to share in those moments with the athletes, moments that they had trained for their entire lives. I didn’t know at the time but that’s when the true essence of Soleus was formed.

Fast forward to 2008, we were able to finally give life to Soleus. Through the process there were many things I didn’t know, but the one thing I knew for certain was that I always wanted Soleus to embody authenticity. At its core, Soleus is about empowering runners to make their moments, not moments pushed by a corporate agenda.

Over the past several years I have followed the movement of athletes empowering themselves within the industry and aligning themselves with belief systems versus dollar amounts. The one thing that has stuck in my mind is that this isn’t about the corporations and big businesses, at its roots; this is and should be about the athletes and the sport. At Soleus we firmly believe this is about making your moment---it isn’t about us, never has been, never will be-- we are just here to help support you.

I like to think of us more like a family than a business. We are a small team that is passionate about sport and fitness, and about as far from a “corporate” everyman as you can get. We believe in authenticity, passion, joy, and most importantly our runners!

I say all this as a preface to welcoming the newest additions to our family, Kara, Alysia, and Nick. I have been following the 3 of them for several years and have the upmost respect for all of them from both an athletic standpoint and a personal one. The three of them have taken risks in their careers and a stand for the true sport of running and I cannot image a more perfect trio to represent the true essence of Soleus.

So without further ado, I am both humbled and excited to welcome Kara Goucher, Alysia Montano and Nick Symmonds to Team Soleus Elites. Here’s to great partnerships and continuing to shake things up!


David Arnold

Founder & CEO, Soleus Running