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  • Aqua/Lime
  • White/Black
  • Pink/Shy Pink
  • Shy Blue/Cyan
  • Pink/Purple
  • Light Gray/Neon Yellow
  • Lime Green/Black
  • Black/Purple
  • Red/Black
  • Black/Gray
  • Black/Black
  • Dark Gray/Pink
  • Pink/Orange



Aqua / Lime
White / Black
Berry / Pink
Cyan / Powder
Purple / Berry
Lime / Black
Black / Purple
Red / Black
Black / Gray
Black / Black
Gray / Berry
Berry / Orange


[ Sanity is slow. Run wild. ]

Chick; noun. The woman who just passed you.
Chicked; verb. The act of getting passed by a stronger woman athlete.

The running watch for the “chick” who is not afraid to make the “dude” eat a little trail dust. The 30 Lap Memory is perfect for recording marathon splits while the 5 interval timers allow you to train for maximum aerobic efficiency. With Soleus’ new Chicked running watch, it’s good to be a girl.


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